The Wakati Challenge will take between 10-14 days to complete, however the event only ends when the last team crosses the Finish Line.

Below are some guidelines to help your planning. The list is not extensive, and every team should do their own research. Nothing will ruin your race more than being denied entry into a country. Prior planning and personal administration is essential, in fact doing your research of every potential border crossing, visa requirements, foreign exchange rates, cell phone providers etc will save your team tons of stress and time!


ENTRY FEE - $320(Secret INvites) - $350 (General)

The entry fee provides each Challenger:

  • A limited entry on the inaugural Wakati Challenge: The Greatest Race On Earth!  
  • A shot at winning $15,000.
  • Wakati Gear and Clothing 
  • Challenger Bag: maps, a rulebook, and other essentials
  • A unique finisher trophy

And the bits you wont be aware of until your cross the Finish Line:

  • The life changing opportunity to travel across epic countries, meeting incredible people, experiencing new cultures, food, while seeing the very best bits of Southern Africa!
  • Event costs: staffing, planning and managing a world-class, international event across multiple countries


You will need to budget (based on per person)and have access to funds to cover your travel expenses throughout the event.  The following is a 'rough' budget to guide your preparations :

Travel:  $400 - $560

  • Challengers are limited to ($40) travel spend per day, per person.
  • Travel budget can be stockpiled in arrears, but not spent in advance.

FOOD & DRINK: $150-$210

  • We suggest $15 per person per day. Buying food collectively as a team is far more cost effective.
  • *Excluded visits to the bar.


  • Teams have the freedom to choose their accommodation each day. Options include BnBs/Hotels (generally not in abundance throughout Southern Africa) or camping is most common in each country for backpackers.  
  • Your decision will influence your daily cost for accommodation.  
  • Camping ranges from $5 to $15 per day.


  • Teams will need to stay connected throughout the event
  • Sim Cards are available at most border crossings, with a nominal fee to register and connect with data


  • Each Challenger will have a tracker on their person.
  • The GPS is satellite tracked and is required for safety purposes, and to monitor movement 

VISAS: $0 - $160

  • Depends on nationality. You will need to research and apply for relevant visas
  • Some countries require visas to secured prior to arrival, while some you can secure at the border / point of arrival
  • South African passport holder will not need any visas 
  • Ensure your passport has 4 blank pages and a minimum of 6 months validity left


  • Don't forget to plan getting home. If you win $15,000 you could just charter a private plane!

estimated budget per challenger



Breakdown: Entry: $320 | Transport: $400 | Food $150 Accom: $150 | Cellphone: $50 | Tracker: $50

TOTAL: $1120