A public transport adventure travel race. Teams of three may only use public transport only to race, using a route of their choice, via optional checkpoints, from Cape Town, South Africa to Zanzibar, Tanzania.

OBJECTIVE:  To travel using public transport in the least amount of time between the Start Line and Finish Line, by strategically calculating a route to collect the greatest time rewards at Checkpoints, and while completing daily challenges for the maximum time bonues.


1.1.  The event will use UTC +02:00 time zone / South Africa throughout the event.

1.2.  Only Teams that have completed Registration Day will be allowed to participate in the event.

1.3.  Teams may not make any substitutions once the event has begun.

1.3.1.     If a team member is forced to withdraw from the event at any time, the team will forfeit, and must make their way to the nearest Safe Zone, unless otherwise agreed with the Event Director.

1.4.  Teams are required to abide by all laws of the country in which they are travelling.

1.5.  Teams are responsible for arranging and Accommodation and Sustenance


Each Team Member is limited to $35 USD / R500 per day (Team R1500 per day)

2.1.  Travel expenditure must be from accrued funds.

Example:  A bus ticket costs R700. The team members may only purchase a ticket on Day 2 once they have accrued a budget of R1000.

2.2.  Daily travel allowance will reset every day at midnight, UTC +02:00 time zone.

2.3.  Funds may NOT be spent in advance. Even if the transport is to be used the following day.

2.4.  Tickets may not be booked or paid in advance unless the member has accrued funds.

2.5.  Teams may share transport with other Teams, as described in .

2.6.  Transport should be paid for in local currency where required.

2.7.  Value of transport must be at open market value in cash. (Discounts: student/ pensioners cannot be used)


Teams must record each movement using public transport using:

3.1.  Team Passport (TP) – Teams must use this to physically record: Start Locations, End Location, Price and also their daily budget.

3.1.1.     All physical receipts and tickets must be kept in the TP file.

3.1.2.     informal Transport eg, taxis, tuk tuks - Teams should record in the TP the price and driver’s information (cell / whatsapp) and then send to HQ via Whats App: A photo of the Team using informal transport. Label photo appropriately. Example: Day 1 – T1 – R430. Uber may be used and screenshot of trip (route, price)

3.2.     Failure to keep receipts / tickets and/or provide proof of purchase will result in penalties.

3.2.  Online Team Passport (OTP) – Teams must also submit electronically all their movements in real time in order for the information to marry up with the GPS system.

3.2.1.                The URL for submitting: www.WakatiChallenge.com/passport

3.2.2.                Failure to submit information will result in penalties.


4.1.   What is considered Public Transport?
Vehicles specifically designed and utilized for the carriage of passengers, where a fee or ticket price is required:

4.1.1. Formal Transport: Where reservations are made, and tickets are issued

Examples: Bus, Train, Airplane, Uber, Metered Taxi, Ferry, Shuttles, Tour Companies.

4.1.2. Informal Transport: Where prices are negotiated, and no receipts provided. The following rules apply:

 Examples:  Taxis, Minibus, Tuk-Tuks, Motorbikes, Bicycles  20 seater or less may only have 2 Wakati Teams.   20 to 30 Seater May have a Max of 3 Wakati Teams.  See Rule 3.1 for instruction on informal invoices and recording.

4.1.3. Exceptions: Hitchhiking -  When a team has exhausted their daily travel budget, they may flag down a vehicle, at which point the following conditions apply:

  • Your team daily budget is exhausted. AND
  • You do not know the driver (ie less than 10mins) AND
  • You are not being required to pay for the ride. AND
  • For a maximum of 200km per day

4.2.  What is not Public Transport:

Any transport that is not specifically designed or utilized to provide paid transport for members of the public. pre-arranged, and/or is not provided for a fee or ticket price, or is provided in return for a service, or as a favour to any team.

4.2.1.     Free Transport / Offers of a lift or ride by members of the public, other than as described in 4.1.3

4.2.2.     Friends / Family

4.2.3.     Pre-Arranged – i.e transport booked in advance as detailed in rule 2.1.1

4.3 Actions not allowed:

 4.3.1     Pre -arranged transport is not allowed.  Teams may not jointly a book a vehicle for the sole use of Wakati Teams. to get around daily budgets by paying a driver to transport them from Point A to B on Day 1’s budget, then Point B to C on Day 2’s budget is no longer allowed as it constitutes “Hire/Charter” and also “Pre-Arranged” transport.   Therefore new Rule      Teams may only book transport with budget in hand. And may not pre-arrange their next leg, teams must change vehicles and drivers.     Teams may not use the current day's travel budget to book a ticket on a following day, in an attempt to render their travel budget exhausted for the current day.  The team may not then hitchhike on the current day.

4.3.2    Accept rides from friends or members of the public.

4.3.2 Teams may not arrange transport with individuals with previous association.

4.3.2.  Trade material objects for transport (ie tshirts)

4.3.3.  Enter into Zimbabwe 


Teams will be monitored 24/7 throughout the event to ensure safety and fair competition. 

The GPS Tracking systems will display the location of each team on the official website, and will track the time, distance and speed of all movements.

5.1.     GPS Trackers – Each team will carry a GPS transmitter. The team is responsible for ensuring the tracker is charged at all times.

5.1.1.     If the tracker is allowed to run out of battery, the team will be penalized, and may be removed from contention of the prize money.

5.2.     WhatsApp – Teams must send HQ a location pin via WhatsApp whenever:

5.2.1.     Crossing a Border Post into a new country,

5.2.2.     Requested to do so by HQ

5.3.     Proximity Rule:  Unless otherwise stated, team members must stay within 50m of each other throughout the event. At no time may a team split up for any reason.

5.4     Sightseeing: Teams may invoke a "sightseeing option" the following rules apply:

5.4.1.    Must inform HQ (via whatapp) when in position to begin, including time.

5.4.2     On completion of sightseeing, Teams must return to exact location, and inform HQ that team is ready to continue.

5.4.3.     Teams may only continue once HQ has verified that Team is back in correct location.

5.4.4.     Team may use private funds for sightseeing transport.

5.4.5      The sightseeing/private transport may not move you closer / advance your journey.

NOTE: Total Race Time will not stop for sightseeing


6.1.     All teams must maintain at least one cellphone connected to the internet throughout the duration of the event.

6.2.     Teams can communicate with HQ via Cellphone, WhatsApp and Social Media.

6.3.      The official WhatsApp group is for group communication for teams, but discussion of strategy, challenges, rules is prohibited.

6.3.1.     Teams are to avoid any remarks, commentary that is not in the spirit of the event.

6.4.     Teams may use any form of communication to speak to public transport providers.

6.5.  Teams may use social media only to communicate with the public, and may not use WhatsApp or Phonecalls to communicate with the public for assistance.




The team’s Race Total Time will be measured from Start Line to crossing the Finish Line. 

Net race time will be the race total time plus any penalties accrued, less any time bonuses gained from checkpoints and challenges.


7.3.1.     Are optional and teams must decide their route, and which Checkpoints, if any, they will attempt to achieve.

7.3.2.     Will be located at locations across Southern Africa, within range of major cities, and within range of multiple possible routes.

7.3.3.     Checkpoint Challenges will provide time rewards relative to their accessibility by public transport.     Challenges may consist of multiple stages and require more than one action in order to be completed.


7.4.1.     Delivered to teams using email.

7.4.2.     Teams will receive time rewards relative to the time taken to complete the challenge, from time the challenge is delivered.     Tier 1 Points awarded for correct answer between 0-3 hours    Tier 2 Points awarded for correct answer between 3-6 hours    Tier 3 Points awarded for correct answer in time greater than  6hours

7.4.3.    Submission of Answers, the following rules apply:   Teams may submit 1 answer per hour.    Penalties: For each incorrect answer, Teams will be penalized 10 minutes race time, up to an amount equal, but not more than the maximum achievable time award for each Daily Challenge.

7.4.4     HQ will announce incorrect answers on WhatApp on the top of each hour, or as cell connectivity allows

7.4.5     Daily challenges may be required to complete Checkpoint Challenges.

7.4.5     Daily challenges will be released to the public 6 hours after release to Wakati Teams


7.5.1.     Teams must complete challenges by using the clues and props provided to them throughout the Challenge.

7.5.2.     Should a team fail to complete a challenge, skip a clue or obtain answers through unscrupulous means, or miss a clue altogether, they incur a penalty

7.5.3.     Teams may work together at any point unless otherwise stated by the rules

7.5.4.     Teams are forbidden from interfering with other teams during Challenges,

7.5.5.     If a challenge is partially completed, HQ may award a portion of the points.


7.6.1.     Teams are forbidden from touching another team's belongings, such as removing them from a vehicle.

7.6.2.     If a team is found to have committed an infraction during the event, the team may be penalized by being given a time penalty. If a serious breach, but accidental breach of the rules has occurred, the will be issued a penalty. The penalty for most rule infractions is 1 hour, plus any time gained from breaking the rules. Can be extended as a result of a decision by HQ.

7.6.3.     Hindering - No participant or team is allowed to stop other teams from going on with what they have to do.

7.6.4.     Acting in any way to bring a bad name to the Wakati Challenge- could lead to time penalties or disqualification.

7.6.5.     Any breaches of daily travel budgets will result in minimum of 24 hours time penalty.


7.7.1.     Cheating – Any team found to have intentionally acted in a manner as to gain an unfair advantage over another team will be sanctioned, and may be removed from the event.

7.7.2.     Inspections / Random Checks – HQ may inspect any teams online passport or physical documentation at any time. If discrepencies are found, the team may be removed from contention of the prize money.

7.7.3.     If a team is found to have lied on their Team Passport, the team will be removed from the event.

7.7.4.     Removals are final and subject to a decision made by the Event Director. 


The Wakati Challenge will come to an end at 12pm on Saturday 16 December 2017, or when the last team has crossed the Finish Line in Zanzibar.


Prize Giving will be held at 5pm on Saturday 16 December 2017, or at a time or date announced by the Event Director, should all teams cross the Finish Line prior to this time and date.

The Event Director’s announcement of the winning team will be final and no correspondence will be allowed. 


10.1.      Teams are forbidden from interfering with another team’s backpacks, documents, or equipment.

10.2.      Teams may use personal items to barter during the event, however trading is limited to: food or accommodation or souvenirs.

The event will be photographed and broadcast on various social media platforms throughout the duration of the event. 

  • Teams will be required to wear appropriate Wakati clothing if instructed to do so by HQ Staff.
  • There is a STRICT no to alcohol, smoking or swearing on camera
  • All photos uploaded to the whatsapp group or onto any social media platform may be used by Wakati in any way they seem fit.