Every Wakati Challenger should arrive at the Start Line well equipped and ready to sustain themselves throughout the race. Plus, be prepared to go a few days with out a warm shower or comfortable bed...  

In order to compete effectively, teams will need a large degree of  flexibility, a massive dose of spontaneity, and the ability to make lightening quick decisions in real time.  It could mean the difference of catching the last bus or train... or popping your tent up in the middle of a local village, with only a packet of two minute noodles.  

We have compiled a packing list containing the minimum essentials that should get you from Start to Finish Line.

  • Passport - with at least 6 pages free and more than 6 months validity.
  • Second ID - always carry a second form of personal identification, example: Drivers License.
  • Visas - depending which country you are from. You will need access to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and Tanzania. Apply for visas prior to arriving at the Start Line.
  • Travel Insurance - Teams will be provided with details.
  • Vaccination Card - Yellow Fever (Consult your Doctor)


cooking mug stanley.jpg
  • Backpack - Big enough to carry the basics (70L), comfortable enough to keep on your lap on a long bus ride
  • Sleeping-bag, pillow & roll-mat- You never know when you need to pull up and make camp
  • Food & Water - At least 24 hrs worth
  • Toiletries - Toothpaste, toothbrush and toilet paper. 
  • Towel - A micro-fibre, quick dry towel for the odd wash and waterfall
  • Cutlery - A cup, bowl, plate, mug and a knife, fork, spoon. Never know who may offer you a meal
  • Tabard - Protection against mosquitoes


  • T-Shirts - Each Challenger will receive three t-shirts which they must wear throughout the event
  • Shorts - Highly recommended, as the African summer will be in full effect in December
  • Long Sleeve top / bottoms - Good for keeping warm at night, and to protect from mosquitos
  • Shoes - A comfortable pair. Some slops would be a good idea too!
  • Items to barter - You'll be amazed how far a t-shirt or an old pair of shoes will get you


  • Phone and Charger - Make sure your phone is unlocked, full of music and ready to take photos!
  • Travel Soap - for keeping your socks and feet clean.  Have you ever been on a bus with stinky feet?!
  • Video Cam / Go Pro - to record your mad awesome skills negotiating a seat on the roof of an African bus!
  • Sunglasses - Not only will you look cool, but you just may appreciate sunnies on a long boat ride 
  • Sun Cream - It will be +35 degrees each day, a good idea to keep your skin protected


  • Tent - At least one per team. If your teammates snore... maybe you'll each need one
  • Gas Cooker + Kettle - If you end up using this, then you're either starting a party or... really alone
  • Medical - A first aid pack for cuts, burns, and basic meds for headache, pain, diarrhea etc.


Teams will undergo a preparation phase at the Start Line where HQ will provide maps, route and checkpoint information, emergency RV locations and numbers, as well as a thorough briefing on rules and regulations for participating in the race.