What is the Wakati Challenge?

The Wakati Challenge is a global race where teams of 3 compete for $15,000


Teams may only use public transportation, and must decide on a route while working out clues along the way


An awesome way to see the world, meet incredible people, experience new cultures, customs, food, scenery and animals


It's a public transport race

There's no better way to truly immerse yourself in the culture and vibe of a country than to travel like a local!

Key information

Budget Restrictions of $40 per person / day 

Incentives to use different modes of transport

Additional rules  to be revealed at the Start Line.

Each day Teams will need to cover as much mileage as possible using various modes of transport. The availability and variety of transport will vary greatly in each country, as will the most efficient and cost effective.

Teams will need to seek out local advice and make decisions in realtime so they don't fall behind the other Challengers.

Teams of 3

See the world with 2 of your best friends...


Key information

Every Wakati Challenger will carry a GPS tracker

HQ will monitor GPS Trackers to ensure all teams are complaint with the rules and to ensure the safety of every person at all times.

Strategy is important, and so is picking your Wakati Team! Will you choose friends with complementing skills, eg. an admin extraordinaire, a master-chef and a chief-negotiator, or you opt for two champions who possess never-ending patience, unafraid to sleep in a bush and not concerned where or when the next warm meal or shower may come from.  

It's time to make the call. Dial your two most adventure-starved friends now, and let's get this party started! 

“If you want to go fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, go together”
— - African Proverb

Check-in & Start line

Come packed and ready for an adventure that will not only change your life, but starving for the next one...


Before the sun breaks the Eastern skyline, the field of Wakati Teams will assemble for the Final Briefing, which will include specifics on: Rules, Checkpoints, Challenges, Point-Systems, Penalties, Safe Zones, and Action Plan procedures. (yes, everything is a secret until the final few minutes). Thereafter Teams will form up on the Start Line and the race will begin! 


Teams will attend the official check-in in Cape Town. Teams will conduct equipment and document checks  and will pick up their Wakati Goodie Bags. This will be followed by a welcome briefing, where the official Start Line Location is revealed. Teams will be free to spend the evening grabbing what could be their last warm meal for a while, and socializing with other Teams from around the world.



Teams will be in full control of their route and mode of transport to their next destination.


Each team will decide on which countries to visits, and where to sleep each night, and not forgetting where / how to have their meals.  Teams will likely scatter in every direction, as they seek to chart the fastest route to Zanzibar... or they may choose a route that has more challenges and checkpoints, with time bonuses, that may surpass the teams taking a direct route. 

We expect that no two Teams will follow the same path to the Finish Line!  What an insanely awesome way to experience Southern Africa!


A Safe-Zone will be located in each country that Teams are expected to travel through. Safe-Zones are locations where Teams can rest, find medical help or support in case of equipment loss, or withdrawal from the event

*There will be EPIC prizes along the way for Teams reaching certain Checkpoints and completing Challenges: mind-blowing experiences like White River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, etc. Not to mention the odd hotel room, with warm shower and clean bed sheets.


Strategically placed checkpoints can be found across the countries that Teams can expect to be transiting through. Teams can decide which checkpoints to visits and what challenges to participate in. Checkpoint and Challenge locations, along with their rewards, will be revealed at the Start Line.


The race is designed to ensure that all our teams remain on a fair and equal footing from Start to Finish

Each Team will be provided Wakati Rule book and a waterproof map, but it is up to the teams to identify which routes have trains / buses / donkey carts / Tuk Tuk taxis...

Teams found breaking the rules, cheating, or competing in a manner not representative of the spirit of the event will be disqualified.

How we determine the final winner of the Wakati Challenge is a closely guarded secret. It involves complex algorithms taking into consideration: race time, a points-system, tokens, stamps, challenges, checkpoints, the various modes of transport Teams will use. 

the prizes

You could head home with $15,000 in your backpack!

A great reason to wake up every morning on the Wakati Challenge... Imagine how ridiculous it would be to head home after a mind-blowing, life altering experience, with $15,000 in your backpack? It's really just a cherry-on-top!


The Wakati Challenge is about bringing together the greatest adventurers from around the world, each with their unique energy and vibes!  We are going to be celebrating and honouring our most epic teams at the Finish line, so expect  tons of awards.

Here are just a few:

  • Most Modes of Transport
  • Social Media Champions
  • Fancy Dress Gold Medals
  • Needs Shower Now!



  • Adrenaline fueled adventure & with fun competition
  • $15,000 of Prize Money + tons of other prizes!
  • See mind-blowing parts of the world with your friends
  • Proving the world is still fun...
  • Affordable, Safe and Easy
  • Meet incredible people from around the world
  • Immerse yourself in local culture, people, food, transport
  • Expensive with loads of hidden extra costs
  • Pre-arranged itineraries mean you are rushed
  • They only stop in touristy areas... no local experience
  • Cant go to a restroom when you want.. ugh!
  • Limited opportunities to roam freely and explore
  • .... Boring.
“Travel is the one thing you can buy that will leave you richer”
— - unknown