Q. How do I register for the Wakati Challenge?
A. You can register here.  Wakati Challenge is a team based event, and required 3 people per team. 

Q. What payment options are available?
A. All registration payments are made through our ticketing provider ( and require payment by via debit / credit card. 

Q. Does my whole team need to register at the same time?
A. No, each team will need to have 3 registered entries no later than 30 September 2017

Q. What does it cost to enter the Wakati Challenge?
A. Registration costs between $320-$350 per person. 


Q. Does the Wakati Challenge provide transport, food or accommodation?
A.  Teams are responsible for all travel costs throughout the event. We have put together a budget guide to assist teams with planning.

Q. How do we plan our winning strategy and route?
A. There is absolutely no way to plan your route or put together a strategy prior to arriving at the Start Line. Why? Because there is a 99% chance you will have a new plan after Start Line briefing and explanation of the rules, checkpoint locations, challenges.

Q. Can't we have the rules, checkpoints and challenges before the Start Line?
A.  Will not be releasing any information about the mechanics of the Wakati Challenge prior to the Start Line. We do this to ensure every Team has an equal and fair opportunity to compete in the event.

Q. Is there a packing list?
A.  We have put together a packing guide and will provide registered teams with a mandatory packing list prior to Registration Day.

Q. Should we book accommodation in advance?
A. We do not suggest making any bookings in advance

Q. Should we book our public transport in advance?
A. Teams are not allowed to make public transport bookings in advance

Q. Who organizes visas?
A.  Each team will be responsible for securing visas required for each country. We suggest securing visas for South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique and Swaziland. 

Q. Do we need any vaccinations or medicine?
A. We suggest Teams consult their local GP for advice on vaccinations for Southern Africa, and Malaria prevention tablets.  Teams should also carry a small first aid kit with the basics, eg. anti-diarrhea, pain, headache, burns and water purification


Q. When and Where is Registration Day taking place?
A. Registration Day will be on Friday 1 December in Cape Town. The venue will be revealed to Teams in October.

Q. When and Where is the Start Line?
A. The official Start Line will held on Satruday 2 December, and will be revealed at Registration Day.

Q. Where is the Finish Line?
A. The Finish Line will be on Zanzibar Island and the exact location will be revealed during the Wakati Challenge.  Do you smell a challenge with clues?

Q. When is the Finish Line date?
A. We expect that Teams will arrive at the Finish Line between 3-14 days after the race begins. The event will officially end when the last team crosses the Finish Line. Thereafter a winner will be announced.

Q. Is the winner the first Team to cross the Finish Line?
A. Not necessarily... A team could cross the finish line without visiting any checkpoints, while other teams may visit checkpoints and earn time bonuses or points which may lead to them having a better overall time.

Q. How do find out about the Event Rules, Checkpoints, Challenges and Points Systems?
A. The Wakati Challenge is super secret about the inner workings of the race. Details will be revealed to the teams at the Start Line. There will be challenges, checkpoints and a point-system that will influence each team's overall time.

Q. What mode of transport are we not allowed to use?
A. Any public transport is allowed, however restrictions and rules will be provided at the Start Line.

Q. Cheating is obviously not allowed. What constitutes cheating.
A. Receiving any form of assistance from friends, family or new acquaintance is not allowed. Anything from pre-prepared Border Crossing documents to your accommodation host giving you a lift.  Teams will be monitored by GPS tracker 24/7 and any team caught cheating will be disqualified from the event.

Q. Can our Team split up?
A. Team Members may not split up more than 1K from each other at any time throughout the event.  

Q. What is a Safe-Zone
A.  There will be designated areas called Safe-Zones in each country. Crews will find access to food, shelter and basic medical care at these locations. If your Team has an concern, medical issue or wishes to withdraw from the event, they can do so via one a Safe-Zone.

Q. Is there a limit on what we can spend on public transport?
A. Yes.  Teams are limited to $40 per person, per day on public transport. Funds can be accrued and applied.

Q. How does an accrued budget work?
A.  Example. If a Team want to travel by train and a ticket is $80pp. A Team will either need spend $0 on Day 1 ($40 accrued) and the combine it with their Day 2 budget to get $80.    A team may not spend travel budget in advance.

Q. Why is there a team travel budget limit?
A.  The limitation is designed to create a level playing field for all teams.

Q. What happens if my bus / train doesn depart on time or leaves just before I get there.
A.  #TIA

Q.Does the winning team get $15,000?
A.  Yes. The winning team will receive 15,000 United States Dollars.

Q. When is the winner announced?
A. Once all Teams have crossed the Finish Line, an award ceremony will be held and the winner will be announced

Q. How do I get home after the Finish Line?
A. Teams are responsible for returning home to their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands... but if you don't. We understand why. 


Q. Is fancy dress allowed?
A. Not only is it allowed, but absolutely encouraged!

Q.  Do all Team Members need to be at Registration and the Start Line?
A.  Yes. No Exceptions.

Q. Can we swap Team Members during the event?
A. .  Swapping is not allowed.

Q. Can friends and family assist us during the event?
A. Teams may not receive any assistance from a 3rd party before or during the event.

Q. What happens if one of our Team Members gets sick along the route?
A.  Your Crew will need to source local medical services, or make their way to the nearest Safe-Zone.

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